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Emporium » The Imperial Flower Kingdom

The Imperial Flower Kingdom

"As an artist I am committed to keeping the world’s flora and fauna centre-stage in my practice in the hope that my own grandchildren, and the budding generation they are part of, will become active participants in creating a greener, holistic future here on earth.
My 2018 exhibition, Botanical Theatre: Garden of Heavenly Delights is part of the commitment I have personally made to the flower kingdom to create awareness of how important they are to our own lives. By introducing my pressed wildflower art to you, in a heart-inspired and whimsical way, I hope you, too, will champion their cause and spread the significant message of our planet’s wildflower meadows far and wide."

Alison is currently working on a book as a result of her successful exhibition which introduced some of her pressed flower characters from The Royal Court of the Imperial Flower Kingdom to the public for the first time.