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Welcome to ALIGHT!
A universal program aimed at providing a light yet profound approach to understanding who you are. If you are serious about personal growth Alison’s unique self-transformation program can assist you. ALIGHT encourages you to dive deep into your Self through a range of creative writing, drawing and painting exercises, facilitated by the artist, tailor made to your individual needs.
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Creative Arts Journal for Youth & Adults. Ages 13+

"The intention of ALIGHT is to motivate people of all ages, cultures and beliefs to pursue activities which promote emotional healing and peace on earth. And to encourage facilities worldwide to adopt creative education programs integral to an individual's self learning process." Alison Jane Rice, 1999.


On a full moon in August 1999, Alison launched her self transformation journal ALIGHT at The New Children's Hospital Westmead in New South Wales Australia. Included in the book were inspiring contributions from Creatives & Visionaries from around the globe.

ALIGHT incorporated the EARTHBOOK project, the result of a competition Alison conducted Australia-wide to inspire young people to focus their creative energy on empowerment for our planet. Each age group was assigned a theme.  LORE One: BE TRUE TO YOUR SELF (13 yrs)  LORE Two: RESPECT EARTH'S PEOPLES (14yrs)  LORE Three: HONOUR ELDERS' WISDOM (15yrs)  LORE Four: PROTECT PLANTS & ANIMALS (16yrs)  LORE Five: HEAL OCEAN & EARTH (17yrs)  LORE Six: DANCE & SING FOR WORLD PEACE (18yrs) LORE Seven: RESTORE IMAGINATION WITH LIGHT & VISION (19yrs). The essential section of ALIGHT - its work book - was formatted into three PATHWAYS. Pathway One: DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE   Pathway Two: DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE   Pathway Three: HONOUR OUR INHERITANCE.

Alison selected seven young poets, one from each age group, who joined her on her self funded tall ship EarthBook expedition in Hervey Bay Queensland. A family of Humpback whales stayed with the vessel the entire week. The experience was life changing for everyone onboard! Created as an International Collectors Edition all copies sold.