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Alison Jane Rice is a professional Visual Artist, master degree qualified Educator, Artist Intuitive & Workshop Facilitator.
She is a recipient of a World Health Organization Healthy Cities Award for contributions to Youth, Arts & Environment, and finalist in the Business for Peace Foundation's PEACE Award, Oslo Norway. The Foundation recognizes individuals who achieve success whilst acting in an ethically responsible way. With extensive creative arts qualifications and more than forty years life experience in wholistic fields, Alison is committed to fostering a nurturing environment for her clients & workshop participants. Offering a peaceful & safe space in which youth and adults feel inspired & motivated to implement life changes that prove transformative for their own personal growth and creativity.

The ALIGHT program offers you gentle pathways
 to develop a deeper connection to your self through igniting your own creative process. Since creativity and spirituality come from the same divine source, ALIGHT can be a profound process to unblock your emotions and heal your heart.

“We spend our life seeking validation from others yet accepting our true essence, trusting our own process, and finding the confidence to walk our own path with honesty is validation enough.” © Alison Jane Rice